Around Cagliari

Bastion of Saint Remy
bastione on the night The Bastion of Saint Remy is undoubtedly one of the most important fortifications of Cagliari, located in “Castello” district. Its name comes from the first vicerè Filippo Guglielmo Pallavicini, Baron of Saint-Remy, while its construction dates back to the nineteenth century, when the Bastion was built on the ancient city walls, dating back to the fourteenth century. All the building following a classical style, with Corinthian columns, and was built of white limestone and yellow. It was inaugurated in 1901.

Cathedral of Santa Maria
cattedrale The Cathedral of Santa Maria is always in the old town and is obviusly the greatest place of worship of Cagliari. The church dates from the twelfth century. and inside preserve a lot of historical paintings, a crypt with the tombs of several bishops and a small museum.

Royal Palace
Palazzo Viceregio The Royal Palace, the historic headquarters of the representative of the king during Aragonese domination, Spanish and Savoy. Is located in the Palace Square, in the district Castello, and now houses the Prefecture and the Province of Cagliari.

Elephant Tower
torre dell'elefante The Elephant Tower is a medieval structure, completed in 1307. It consists of four levels of wooden platforms open to the interior of the castle (depending on model Pisa), while the exterior has three massive sides in white limestone Bonaria, interrupted only by small slots.

Basilica of San Saturnino
basilica san satuirnino
The Basilica of San Saturnino Cagliari is the church dedicated to the patron saint of the city. And ‘the oldest place of worship in the city and among its foundation develops late Roman necropolis that connects the church of St. Lucifer. The necropolis hosted by the Basilica is considered among the most important in Sardinia.

Saint Pancrazio Tower
torre san Pancrazio The Saint Pancrazio Tower, Pisan age, is the highest tower of Cagliari. The building, a symbol of the city, is located on the highest point of the “Castle” district, next to the Palace of Seziate, and can be reached from Independence street, from Buoncammino avenue through Port Cristina. During visit to the monument you can admire a lot of overview of city and the district.

Saint’Efisio church
chiesa sant'efisio The Saint’Efisio church is located in the medieval district of “Stampace” and dated around 430 AD It was built above the grotto that, according to tradition, was the prison of Santo before being martyred. The celebrations with the usual festival held on the streets of the city district of Stampace May 1.

Citadella of Museums
cittadella dei musei The Cittadella of Museums is the museum center of the city, located in the north of the hill on which stands the Castle, with access from Arsenale Square.
The Citadella today is the result of extensive restructuring and reorganization of the local area where the Piemontesi commons installed the royal arsenal. These premises now house the following exhibitions: the archaeological museum, the national art gallery, the anatomical wax models of “Susini” and the Siamese art museum.

Anfiteatro Romano
anfiteatro The Anfiteatro romano is a building of Roman origin, half dug into the rock while the remainder was made of white limestone, and the south facade had to exceed 20 meters. The anfiteatro housed fights between animals, gladiators and between combatants who were recruited specialized also outside Sardinia. Here death sentences were carried out in front of the exultant crowd.